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About Mestizo

Mestizo is the creation of Chef Aarón Sánchez. The name, Mestizo, represents the melting pot of cultures that defines Mexico and its people. From the Native Americans, to the Spanish and Latin American influences, these cultures define the personality of the country and translate into the cuisine. All Mexican cuisine can be traced back to the Yucatan, Pueblo or the Veracruz regions and to the ingredients that are indigenous to these areas. Through the masterful combination of these ingredients, Aarón Sánchez uses his classic culinary training to create recipes that define a menu of bold flavors that set a new standard in Mexican cuisine. Using only the freshest and sustainable ingredients, Aarón’s food will delight the palate and create a true appreciation of the flavors of Mexico.

Aarón’s creations can be sampled in a variety of settings at Mestizo, whether in our warm and natural adorned dining room, around the fire ring on our outdoor patio or under a palapa up on the second floor balcony. Hosted by professionally trained and knowledgeable servers, we guarantee a memorable experience.

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